SSwim Safetyummer is in full swing and one of the best parts of summer for kids of all ages is getting to play in the water! Parents can rest easier while their kids enjoy splashing in the pool or at the beach if they know they’ve had swimming and water safety training. Here are a few Portland-area swimming lesson providers, including those who offer adaptive lessons for teaching children with disabilities.

Mt. Hood Community College


Mt. Hood Aquatic Center offers group and private swim lessons, with private lessons intended to provide a service to individuals who may have needs beyond the scope of group swim lessons. These may include desiring a one-on-one environment, wanting to work on a specific set of skills, or having special needs that limit the student’s ability to participate in a group. Lessons are offered for all levels, non-swimmer through advanced competitive skills.

Portland Parks and Recreation Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/39830

This program offers community-based recreation activities and leisure services especially designed for youth through adults who have a disability or special needs.  

Providence Macadam Therapy Pool


Call for current Adaptive/Family Swim and Adaptive Swim Lesson dates, times and prices. Insurance reimbursement may be available for Adaptive Swim Lessons.  



SwimBabes offers private swim classes for various age ranges, starting with babies as young as 8 weeks. Classes for babies and toddlers emphasize teaching them how to roll onto their backs and float in water in case of an accidental fall. Adaptations and accommodations are available for children with disabilities or special needs.

Autism Speaks Swimming and Water Safety Scholarship Fund


Autism Speaks – a national ASD advocacy and support group – is offering a scholarship to assist financially disadvantaged families with children on the autism spectrum to afford swimming lessons. Applications will be considered from programs that offer swimming or water safety classes for people on the autism spectrum. Families cannot apply directly, but can ask a swimming program to apply on their behalf.  

Therapy Solutions for Kids does not necessarily endorse any of these programs. Teaching children to swim is not a guarantee of their safety. Always make sure that your child NEVER swims unsupervised, and that there appropriate security measures around home water features.  

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