Executive Functioning refers to a person’s ability to manage or regulate a collection of basic cognitive and emotional processes.  This includes planning, initiation, organization, and execution of tasks as well as the ability to cope with transitions or regulate emotional responses. It is basically like an executive who oversees and manages several different departments within a company or corporation. Without an effective executive coordinating all of the various activities, the overall company is less efficient and therefore less productive. Likewise, a person lacking effective executive functioning skills tends to be less productive or successful in school or in life.

Executive Functioning skills involve:

  • The ability to stay focused on tasks
  • The ability to plan and anticipate
  • The organization of thoughts and materials
  • The ability to follow-through and complete tasks
  • The ability to cope with unstructured situations
  • The ability to cope with changes in routine
  • The ability to regulate emotions

Students experiencing general Executive Functioning difficulties often struggle academically with work-completion, organization, and motivation for any task which is perceived as difficult, frustrating, or simply unappealing.
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